The Sushiman Experience

What to do if I am not satisfied with my experience?

Sushiman Experience.

First, we are extremely sorry to hear that your experience was not up to our usual standards. Our employees are trained to resolve situations to ensure you leave the store satisfied. However, if this was not been the case, our customer service team is here to help you. You can reach them any time by sending a quick email at:

When sending us your comment, please provide as much detail as possible, such as photos of your meal, your bill, date, time and location visited. This greatly helps us in our follow-up and allows us to react more quickly. Thank you.

What to do if I had a great experience?

Sushiman Experience.

We are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with your experience and meal in one of our Sushiman locations. Our employees work hard to continuously make your experience enjoyable and up to our standards. When applicable, tips are always a great way of saying thank you and are appreciated by all our employees.

Another great way to share your positive experience is to go to your Sushiman local Google page and leave a positive review and even give it a 5 star rating.

What is even more appreciated by our restaurants is that you share your beautiful experience with your friends and family so that they also come and encourage us.

Thank you.

I would like to know if Sushiman delivers to my home?

Sushiman Take-Out and Delivery

All Sushiman locations offer take-out (via our application) and many offer delivery (via our third-party partners). To find out what services are available at your local Sushiman, please visit the Sushiman website under the Find Us and Order tab.

Enter your address and you will see the closest location appear with their offered services. To order, simply click on the desired service party logo. Enjoy your sushi!


Sushiman's safety measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic

Sushiman safety Measures

At Sushiman, your safety is our priority and for the well-being of all, it is mandatory to wear a mask in all our locations.

You will find a station to disinfect your hands at the entrance. Stickers on the floor will guide you and keep you at safe distance when ordering. Our menus are laminated and cleaned regularly. A QR code is also available if you wish to view our full menu on your phone. At all times, our employees wear a face mask in addition to gloves. Our hygiene standards are among the highest in the industry, which allows us to provide you with a safe experience.

For additional information or question, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

Thank you.